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Products Feature of Hime-kuwa.

【Hira-guwa, a flat hoe】

In our processing method, a stainless base metal is joined with two different types of steel from either side, namely, semi-steel and ultra low carbon steel, which results in optimal sharpness. This technology puts us beyond reach by our rivals.

It is designed to maintain the sharpness. The more frequently you use one, the sharper does its edge get through the friction against the soil.

As one saying goes, “Walk 8 miles, and you will see a hoe in a dissimilar form, “ there are roughly estimated several hundred types of varied hoes in Japan, each one suitably employable for each particular local climate and soil property.


【A toh-guwa hoe】

This type is used to dig soil for tree planting and plowing. Its structure in which base stainless steel is sandwiched in the middle makes this hoe robust and sharp. Compared to the hira-guwa flat hoe, this toh-guwa is heavier, but, by plunging the tool into the ground, the heaviness can be advantageous when heavy soil is being dug up. a pickax hoe a toh-guwa hoe (large) a toh-guwa hoe (medium) a toh-guwa hoe (small)

唐鍬 唐鍬 唐鍬 唐鍬


This tool is designed for tillage,
earthwork, ditching, and home gardening.
( either with or without openings )

black joren, a hand scoop with openings, black joren, a hand scoop without openings, a triangular hoe / a triangular sharp pull a triangular cutcher

鋤簾 鋤簾 鋤簾 鋤簾

A multifaceted heart-shaped hoe

A tool for effortless weeding.
The pointed tip makes a user feel easy to impale soil with little effort. When the tip is placed deep into soil in a cutting fashion, not only thorough weeding, but plowing, ridging, and hilling up can be done as well.
It is multifunctional.

1 is the curved edge designed for even contact with soil. Pull it toward yourself, and the weed can be cut off.

2 is designed to cut weed in and around depressions, curbstones and protrusions. Rub the weed with this part.

3 is designed for digging work besides removing deep-rooted grass.

It is advised to keep the tools indoors after washing them up.


【one-handed sharp pull】

Grass roots can be cleanly removed with little effort as if the roots were glided up. Weeding work can be done, of course, as with other types of hoes, but this particular product is much more powerful in digging out firmly rooted grass because of the teeth of the hoe.

A fruit of hard work by our master craftsmen, this product is born after total 42 steps of processing.


【The tree-planting ceremony】

In 1979 we were honored to produce two special hoes for both Showa Emperor and Empress to use on the occasion of national tree-planting ceremony held in Aichi Prefecture. The technical know-how we utilized in the making of those hoes can be experienced with our toh-guwa hoes specifically produced for tree-planting ceremonies.